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It’s the little things

Traveling for work is never easy. I miss the kids terribly. I have heard a lot of people who travel for work say they kind of enjoy the break, that they get a good night’s sleep while away, that it’s a break from the realities of being a working parent and juggling everything at home.

Never the case for me. I just miss the kids. So much so that if I’m on the road and can get eight hours of work done on the plane, 4 in my hotel room, and 8 on the way back, I’m happy to work a 16 hour day to be able to pick them up early from daycare on the day I return. Traveling means getting ahead of the work for more quality time when I’m home.

I have found that there is always a little “something” that helps me get through the trip. One time, it was a piece of paper. Yeah, read the post and weep. I still do.

This time, it’s less tangible than a physical object. It’s the memories of my son’s look of wonderment when he walked into his preschool class this morning and saw the kids dressed for their graduation photos (caps and gowns to boot!). It’s him singing me all the songs he learned for his graduation and the memory of his wide eyes as he told me he’d have to stand on a riser (which he’s deathly afraid of, as he keeps asking me how high risers are).

It’s my daughter this morning, being good as gold for drop off, and asking me for one more hug and kiss. It was her holding the sides of my face as I came in for the kiss, securing her hands on my cheeks, giving her the security that mama was going to be there for her.

These are the things I carry with me to get me through these trips. This trip? A quick 48 hours (in addition to working while I travel, I maximize red eyes to get home and not miss an additional red eye). But in those 48 hours, there are two little pumpkins top of mind every minute.


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