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My 30 day challenge

A 30 day challenge. That’s all it took. I’d been battling with the idea of maintaining better health, and exercise has been the number one priority to reach that goal several times. Don’t believe me? The proof is here and here and here. I mean, seriously.

I watched this TED talk on trying something new for thirty days. The speaker, Matt Cutts, basically points out that you can do anything for thirty days. And within that time period, you’ll decide if whatever you challenged yourself with is going to become habit, or if you will drop it on day 31.

It’s a simple principle, really. But it’s also life changing. Give yourself 30 days and try something new. Dedicate yourself to it and own it over that thirty days. So I set out to exercise for thirty days. Either it would become habit or I would drop it on day 31. What did I have to lose?

To be honest, the first eight days still sucked. Knowing you are committing to something for a thirty-day period doesn’t make the pain go away. But after that, I was hooked. I downloaded the Nike GPS app for the iPhone. Now I was tracking my running, sharing my progress on Facebook (which I found made me totally accountable to my goals),  and even allowed people to cheer me on. I even ended my runs with 30 minutes of power yoga, thanks to Jillian Michaels. I love her. In a masochistic, she kicks my a&& and makes me sweat kind of way. Everyone needs a little Jillian in their lives. I just happen to need ALOT.

I’m now at day 31. Granted, I’m nursing some heel/knee pain, but I’ve truly found my motivation and commitment. My mind is clearer, my energy is different, and my body is slowly transforming. Instead of complaining that I have no time to exercise, I find myself making time. It’s now part of my life, not just something I should be doing.

Everyone has to find what works for them. But if you are struggling to achieve a goal, give it a shot. And if you’ve got a great idea for another thirty-day challenge, please share. I’m in the market for my next one.



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An Open Letter to Jillian Michaels

Dear Jillian,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I am physically fit again because of you. After two years of carrying around post-baby and postpartum weight, I am healthy again. I have not dieted. I have not had to adopt an “Insanity” or P90X workout (just the names scare me!). And most importantly, I have not had to give up time with my kids.

In 25 minutes a day, you work me. OK, I admit that I mute you out because the banter drains me and my iTunes music is far preferable to the jazzy workout music that runs in the background of the banter. But even in silence you motivate me, tone me, and make me sweat.

I have shredded. More than I thought possible. In four days I saw results. In thirty (not even consecutively) I dropped 2 pant sizes.

It wasn’t extreme. It caused me to make life changes, but didn’t require a complete life makeover. I have energy, I have motivation, I feel good – both internally and externally.

You gave me something back in those thirty days. It went beyond the weight loss. I got back my old self. I felt restored.

Your thirty-day shred is amazing. Although, I have to admit, level 3 still makes me curl up in a ball and cry!


A more toned, fit mama


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