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My husband and I always thought we’d have three. We were certain that was a magic number for the right size family. It’s not to say that we never will, but it’s not in the immediate plans.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that we had a little girl named Lina (Lee-nah) living with us. Morgan told us all about her. Morgan is the spitting image of my little sister in terms of attitude, spirit, and cuteness. My sister Carly always had an imaginary friend named Julie. I find this coincidence pretty special. Even more special, though, is the belief that kids’ imaginary friends are really angels coming down from heaven to play with them. I just think that’s awesome.

Anyway, since I blog about all things family, I thought I should introduce you to our newest member, Lina. Here’s what we know about her, all information provided by Morgan herself:

– Lina has dark hair, black to be precise

– Lina likes to play My Lil’ Ponies

– She is a good sharer. She likes to share her toys, even her Barbies

– She does not know how to swim

– Her favorite food is pasta

– She sleeps in Morgan’s lower bunk bed

– Her parents’ names are Sean and Tiffany. I’ve been assured this “Sean and Tiffany” are different from us, but they are married and they do have a house.

– Lina is always a good girl.

I just hope this guardian angel doesn’t go away too soon. They say kids lose their sixth senseĀ over time. I love that my Morgan has a special companion to watch over her 24/7 and will do everything I can to preserve that sixth sense as long as she lets me…


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