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Where’d my style go?

It just keeps getting worse. Each and every day. No heels, dresses, or even dress pants. Little makeup, and in fact, I’ve “lost” some of my make up brushes (translation: Morgan played with them and didn’t put them back). My hair hardly ever gets touched with a round brush, and forget about good shampoo and hair products!

It’s like a disease I can’t cure. I fall farther and farther into the momtrap. I’ve finally resolved myself to understanding it’s a lack of time. The less time I have, the lower I prioritize myself.

By now, if you’ve been reading this blog, you know I like to make lists. I haven’t been doing a great job at being accountable to my lists lately, but starting today is better than letting it go. So, I’m going to shred my momdrobe and bring the old me back a bit.

Here’s what I need to do:

– Workout three times a week, minimum. This bullet keeps getting entered into this blog, but hasn’t happened consistently. When I work out, I feel good. It gives me energy, confidence, stature. I just have to do it. A 5 AM wake up call is in order for tomorrow.

– Make and keep a few hair appointments. I have a beautiful shade of Feria (Feria 59) which allows me to color at home and avoid the three-hour salon trip (I just can’t justify not spending that time with my kids), but there is no reason why I can’t make it to the salon every six weeks for a good trim. The last time I went in (January) my stylist looked at my history, and I hadn’t been in since JULY. REALLY? A quick phone call to schedule an appointment is in order tomorrow.

– I need to pick out my clothes, shoes, and accessories at night. No more waiting until the morning. It’s too chaotic, and heaven forbid one of the kids wakes up fifteen minutes early, I’m last in line priority-wise.

– I need to get up a bit earlier. If I’m working out in the morning, that helps. If not, I just need to drag my tushy out of bed twenty minutes earlier.

– I need to organize my closet and drawers. Unpacking suitcases from my last two business trips would be a good start. If you can’t find your clothes, you certainly can’t wear your clothes.

But most of all, I need to make myself a priority on my own list. My kids are loved and well cared for, as is my husband. But maybe loving myself a little bit more will empower me to be happier, more confident, and more balanced. I can only imagine that will benefit my kids and my husband as well.

If you are reading this and are in the same boat, come join me. Maybe we can motivate ourselves together.



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The quest for 25 pounds

I’m on a quest for 25 pounds. The 25 pounds that are putting me over my recommended BMI. The 25 pounds that I lost after having my daughter 20 months ago, and put back on 8 weeks after starting meds for post partum depression. The 25 pounds that I keep saying I’m going to lose, but don’t have the time to dedicate to exercise and eating well.

I’m a horrible dieter. South Beach, Isagenix, Weight Watchers (even though it’s not a diet, it’s a way of life as the woman weighing me in curtly informed me), I’ve tried them all. And failed each time. I just have no will power when it comes to food.

So I am working on “reforming” my current habits and starting to exercise. We bought a treadmill two years ago and I have barely used it, citing “no time” as an excuse. I became a total “I”m too busy to take care of myself” martyr. You see, I don’t go to the gym. I would like to, but I am totally self concious at the gym. All of these beautifully shaped people running their hearts out and sweating it up on the treadmill. These not-so-beautifully shaped people who have more dedication and motivation than I, lapping me in the swim pool.  And there I am, hoping I can keep myself occupied for ten minutes on the treadmill before becoming embarassed that I’m barely sweating and quit. It’s never a good experience for me. So I got myself a treadmill. No excuses now, except for the time factor. 

So, I took a good, hard look at how I was spending my time. The majority of it was spent taking care of the kids’ needs, trying to excel at work, spending some time with my husband, and keeping up with the house. All important and non-negotiable. But then there was this 1-2 hour time period at night, this complete waste of time, this absurd use of my mental energy. Social games on facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed them and I’m not knocking those who still play them. But I found myself craving and yearning a good harvest in Farmville, fighting and beating girls in Sorority Life, and feeding some hungry customers in Cafe World. I was tempted with free gifts from my friends – whether it was a pair of Manolo Blahniks in Sorority Life, or a duck-shaped topiary in Farmville. And I wanted to get more experience points to ladder up in Cafe World and be able to hire more friends to work in my cafe.

Um, yeah. I’m a totally stressed out, overweight working mom who does not have the time to exercise. Yeah right. So in one night I gave myself a virtual makeover. Yes, I removed all of those time-wasting applications from my facebook account. And I started exercising. It’s amazing how much time you can find in your day when you evaluate how you are spending your time.

This is step 1 in my quest for 25 pounds. As soon as I figure out step 2, I’ll let you know. But I’m confident that this is a step in the right direction. Not only will the exercise help me with the weight, but clinical studies reinforce better health and less stress if I dedicate myself to it. My facebook social games couldn’t give me any of that.

Happy farming, cooking, and sorority posturing to all my dedicated friends still on those games. If you are looking for me, I’m on my treadmill ; – )

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