When I grow up

Morgan is in the midst of a mid-three year old identity crisis. Am I big or am I small? We do a lot of talking about both.

“I’m big, right mama?” (Yes, Morgan, you are. You are growing up so fast.)

“I’m just little, right mama?” (Yes, Morgan, you are my little sweetheart.)

It’s tough to be three. Old enough to know that there are a lot of things you can’t do yet. Not old enough to try to do them. Old enough to understand that temper tantrums aren’t acceptable. Not old enough to control them.

But being three with a five-year old brother is even tougher. Jake’s getting ready to go to kindergarten. Morgan will be left behind in preschool. Jake gets to ride a bus. Morgan gets her same old booster seat in my Tahoe. Jake gets a new backpack, glue sticks, and shoes. Well, ok, Morgan got those too. We have to draw the line somewhere, right?

On the flip side, Jake is loving the little bit of freedom he’s going to get from his little sister. They are currently in two different classrooms in the preschool wing with different playground schedules. At the end of the day when the rooms are combined, they tend to act like they are just classmates – when I pick them up they are on separate sides of the room, playing with their respective friends. Kindergarten gives Jake freedom and a space all his own. He hasn’t had space in 3 1/2 years, and as a mom of two, I know how he feels.

So tonight we’re driving home from an impromptu swim at grandma’s. Morgan says:

“Mama, I’m going to be five next, right?”

“No, Morgan, you are going to be four.”

“Oh, oh yeah, mama, I’m going to be four for a few minutes, then I’ll be five.”

The poor thing really just wants to be five. To ride a bus. To feel big.

But she was quickly trumped by her brother, who wasn’t about to share his newfound space:

“No, Morgan,” Jake said, “You are going to be five for a hundred years!”

I guess we’ll just leave it at that for now!



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4 responses to “When I grow up

  1. What a sweet story. Just enjoy those ages every single minute – as you know, it goes so fast.

  2. Poor little one. It is so hard being 3. My Patty just turned 4 and has a 16yr old sister so we have different challenges LOL…
    Very sweet story…

    • I am a far way off from being ready for those teenage years! I actually say to her “It’s so hard being 3” ALOT! It is a tough age…just old enough to be aware that you aren’t old enough to do things the older kids can!

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