Kindergarten Woes

I ask my son about every other day if he’s excited to go to Kindergarten. He is. It doesn’t seem to bother him that the majority of his daycare friends will all be going to a different school. He has three daycare classmates that will be in his kindergarten. He will know three kids. Three.

Kids are so resilient, aren’t they? A new experience, a slight disruption – while it breeds some hesitation, it also breeds excitement and anticipation.

Me, on the other hand, I’m dreading it. We’ve been in a nice cocoon at daycare. I know the moms in his class – which ones I like and which I don’t. I know which kids are the trouble makers and which are the nice quiet ones you want to have over for a Saturday AM playdate. My daycare mom friends and I bonded over shared experiences of bottle feeding, potty training, and preschool learning. My social life with my mom’s group is as comfortable as a warm fleece blanket that just came out of the dryer.

Kindergarten?! A whole new ballgame. No “drop offs” or “pick ups” with other parents. I’ll be shepherding my kid onto a bus where he’ll be off to meet new friends. He’ll come home with stories of kids I have never met. He’ll want to make friends and play with new kids. And I’ll have to let him.

So it’s a new experience for both of us. At orientation night, the discussions were geared toward stay at home moms who were leaving their kids for the first time. Yeah, I lived through that experience when my son was six months. Over five years I’ve watched as he has grown into an independent self thinker, with intellect, empathy, and a passion for learning. I won’t have to worry about him clinging to my leg on the first day of school.

No, I’m certain I’ll be watching teary eyed as he charges forward, bravely accepting the new opportunities and challenges that await him. And in that spirit, I will have to accept my own.



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5 responses to “Kindergarten Woes

  1. Just seeing my toddler with a backpack a few days ago had me tearing up. He was running down the apartment corridor and I realized it would be none too long till he’s doing the same, en route to real school in the same circumstances you’ve described. I had to pass him off to daycare at 10 weeks, but it’s always been pick-up and drop-off at the same place with the same kids. Part of me would love it if it would always stay that way, but I suppose a part of me would mourn never getting to see what was down the road. Mostly, I do think I’ll just cry when the time comes.

    • Thank you Deborah, for the comment. It’s always nice to know that us moms aren’t alone in this journey! I remember when my kids crossed the threshold from the daycare wing to the preschool wing at their school – even that was an adjustment for me! The toddler years are fantastic! Enjoy every minute!

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  3. I don’t know either one of you, but oh how I feel your pain. I am tearing up reading your posts and as I write mine to you. I have so loved the years from 0-5 and it breaks my heart that they are over. Why must it go by so fast? May the journey ahead be just as wonderful as where we have been. My thoughts are with you both.

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