Where do babies come from?

Yep, it’s the question every parent dreads. My son has been obsessed for over a year now with the fact that babies grow in a mommy’s tummy. He’s been known to spout out things that just make you laugh.

“Mama, when I was in your tummy I got really hot. And that’s why I came out. It’s too hot in there”

“Mama, being in your tummy was great. Because I got to drink chocolate milk. You drank it, and then your tummy gave it to me.”

It was all fine and good. Until yesterday.

“Mama, how do babies come out? Your mouth is too small for babies to come out of the tummies and through the mouth”

“Well, Jake, mamas are built special for babies”

“But mama, where do they come out? They can’t come out of your mouth. They can’t”

“Well, Jake, babies come out of a different place on mommies’ bodies”

“Where, mama?”

“They come out below the tummy, Jake”

Clearly, I was doing everything I could to avoid the question. I was so unprepared!

“But mama, there isn’t a hole in your tummy. I’ve seen your tummy and there is no hole there. So where is the hole that babies come from, mama?”

“Well, Jake, babies come out of a hole near the vagina” (Yes, we use anatomically correct terms in our house)

“Oh, geez. Uh, thanks. Eeeewwww.”

Question answered. Case closed. Now I just hope he doesn’t decide to go in and educate the rest of his preschool class.


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