New Year, Improved Me

Last year I vowed to make some changes in my life . Frankly, I did ok. Lost 20 pounds, didn’t diet, stopped eating a pizza every day for lunch, and reduced my stress – a little at least. More time with friends, more time with my husband, and more enjoyment with my kids.

But no resolutions are perfect, and neither am I. I’ve flown wildly out of balance again, stressing out between trying to get the kids to nap and bed so I can get some work done…and on the flip side, stressing out at work that I’m missing the kids. And if you’ve noticed that my husband isn’t in that equation, well, you’ve figured it out.

So here we go again, with a new year and new resolutions. Not a new me, however. That’s simply asking too much. Here’s what I hope for in 2011 – for me, for my husband, for my kids, and for my sanity.

  • More patience with my kids. Some days can be really tough – especially days where there is constant bickering, procrastinating (ever have a kid take 45 minutes to get dressed and out the door?) and drama. This year I will remember that they feed off my anxiety and drive to make the situation perfect. I will remember that “perfect” is not attainable and “go with the flow”. I will have more patience.
  • A little toning goes a long way. Losing weight was great. I did a happy dance in the Gap dressing room when I put on a size 8 and it fit oh-so-well. Now it’s time to tone. It’s not all about the body shape – it’s about the endorphin rush, stress relief, and better health that comes with it.
  • More fun out of life. No one really wants to be around someone who’s main focus is work. Or for that matter, who can only talk about their kids’ success with potty training. Balance is about getting more out of life – regardless of the number of hours one works.
  • More date nights. We’ve fallen into the rut of thinking a date night has to include a sitter, dinner out, and a big to-do. But New Year’s Eve we opened a bottle of wine and got a movie. It was fantastic. Date nights don’t have to be once a month. They just require a relatively early bed time for the kids, allowing some time in the evening to spend together.
  • It’s not all about me. I have been horrible lately with reaching out to friends (outside of facebook), sending prompt birthday cards (my sister’s birthday gift is still in my drawer six weeks later), and important things like sympathy cards, baby gifts, etc. Need. To. Correct. This.
  • More community involvement. The kids and I rang the bell for the Salvation Army on my birthday. And while I won’t get into the details, it felt good to do something for others. I miss this, and even though life gets busy, a quick stop at the food pantry with a bag of goods is not a big deal. I may not be able to give all the time in the world, but I’m sure I can make a difference somehow.
  • Corrective eating habits. More family dinners. Better food for the kids. Meal planning. More fruits and veggies. Seriously, this one resolution fixes many of the others.
  • Finally, and most important, I’m cutting myself some slack. I am not perfect. My life is not perfect. I don’t complete my job perfectly. But I do give everything my all. And in the end, that should be good enough.

I will get there. And I will continue to use this blog for what I’ve always taken from it: more appreciation for the little moments in life, some “me” time doing what I love (writing), and the community of support that comes from shared experiences. And with that, I’m resolving to post at least weekly. Way too long has gone by without this needed outlet…

Happy New Year – may 2011 bring out the most fabulous you possible.



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2 responses to “New Year, Improved Me

  1. It sounds like you’ve got all the right intentions and that is a giant part of it. You know, one thing that my husband and I do sometimes is an early date. I leave work at 4 or so and we hit a movie or have an early bite out. Then we’re still home for homework, sports, dinner and family time. (my kids are a bit older though)

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