Why I love dinos…

My son loves dinosaurs. They tend to rule his world. And his imagination.

He loves them so much, he wore this outfit to school one day. And no, it wasn't Halloween!

This morning he was sharing a glimpse of his active imagination on the way to school.

“Mama, when my hands get really cold, I turn into a T-Rex. Not a baby, little T-Rex, a BIG, SCARY, ROAR T-Rex, mama” (insert scary T-Rex looking face here – eyes squinched, nose wrinkled, teeth showing).

“Someday I am going to fly into the air on a big rocket and I will turn into a T-Rex. A BIG T-Rex in outer space, and that will be so cool, mama” (insert arms shooting up to the ceiling of the car to simulate a flying into outer space experience).

“You know, mama, I can play lots of T-Rexes. There are a lot of ways to play T-Rex. I have my little T-Rex’s, the big T-Rex, I have squishy ones, and hard ones, I have a T-Rex glove that roars, I have T-Rex bones, and I can turn myself into a T-Rex!”

I happened to turn around and glance at him. His eyes were wide with excitement, a glimmer shining through them that was…well…undescribable. He had so much adoration for his T-Rex at that moment, and you could just see his 4-year-old mind turning, surrounding himself with his love for his dinosaurs. I often wonder what other wonderful things are going through his head that he doesn’t share. I took that story with me all day long, knowing that I had a smart young son with a wild imagination. And I love every minute that he shares with me.

Jake was doing his best to teach Morgan how to be a T-Rex by stomping on the bilko door and making T-Rex faces.

And for my most favorite T-Rex moment of all time, I bring you last Christmas:


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  1. What delight a T-Rex can bring and what joy you’ve captured here. You’re a good mom nurturing this as you are and I love that you let him wear the costume even if it wasn’t Halloween.

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