Daycare cares

This week has been a good daycare week. I have a lot of good daycare weeks. These weeks make all the difference.

Today was an exceptional day. I was dropping off Morgan, when her teacher and I were chatting about her independence and strong will. It was a shared sentiment – Morgan’s strong will and desire to be independent sometimes made her difficult, other times was a really positive, endearing trait.

The teacher asked me if I would  be ok with them starting her on a potty chart next week? The rationale was that she’d been trying to be like the big kids and was having some success lately. Are you kidding? I was ready to do a happy dance!  I recognize that kids will train when they want to. When they are ready. She’s only 2 1/2, but inside I was certainly ready to be done with diaper changes. She had shown interest before but it didn’t lead to any consistent effort. We’d started a potty chart at school, with instruction to stop using it if she wasn’t interested in it. While I was excited that she was making the decision to train, I have to say, I was ten times more excited that the teacher was watching for her signals and looking out for her. They really cared.

At the end of the day I was picking Jake up. He came to me all excited talking about the field trip they were taking to a haunted house. He couldn’t stop boasting about it, he was so excited! Knowing that field trips no longer occurred in the preschool, I had to ask the teachers. Turns out, they were planning on decorating the Little Tykes house in their classroom and creating a ‘spooky house’. The wonderment of it, the excitement, the imagination it sparked in his head was fantastic. The teacher told me “I’m not sure how spooky it will really be”, but in the end, it won’t matter. The energy and enthusiasm of a four year old can overcome just about anything – even cheap Halloween decorations from the Dollar Store.

My kids spend a lot – too much – time in daycare every week. It’s awesome to have days like this – days that balance out the guilt, the worry, the pressure of being a working mom.

Today, I’d like to thank the teachers at school, for granting me a bit of peace at the end of a wild week.

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