The Sheet Saga

Somedays it’s the little things that get our “working mom panties” in a bunch.

Yesterday it was the sheet saga at daycare. One of the moms last week mentioned that she got a notice that her daughter’s sheet was too short for the nap mats. “Oh the horror” we all exclaimed, as we commented that we’d been using the same sheets for years. How could they all of a sudden be too short and how could they expect us to buy new ones?

So we all waited for our notices, as the one mom went to Target to get a new sheet. “We’re holding out until they tell us we have to” was the message we were going to send. Looking back, I think sometimes we can be a bit childish.

Slowly, we’ve all gotten notices on our sheets. And as if a big stand-off wasn’t childish enough, I decided to make sure they weren’t “pulling the wool over my eyes” and tested the sheet on the mat myself. Now I know what you are thinking, “Why doesn’t she just switch daycare centers if she finds the existing one so untrustworthy?” The fact is – I don’t. I love my daycare center. But, as I stated in the opening paragraph, my panties were in a bunch. Anyone who knows me, knows to steer clear when my panties are in a bunch!

Turns out, New York State has a dumb law that doesn’t allow for the sectioned mats to be folded in if the sheet is too small. So when you keep the mats flat, the sheets don’t fit. Apparently the state is worried that the kids will suffocate if the mat is folded over onto itself. Anyone that has a four-year-old that sleeps with a pillow knows that the suffocation risk with a pillow is ten fold over a nap mat, and has gotten over their fear of SIDS. But for daycare centers, state laws are non-negotiable. I get it.

So this morning I sent in a twin sheet. I know it’s bigger than the mats, and I hope that suffices.  The thought of buying new sheets, especially with flu season almost upon us (requiring a mid-week change of sheets) makes me want to scream. I suppose my panties are still bunched up. I doubt they’ll unbunch anytime soon.

Such is the struggle of a working mom. We tend to cry over spilled milk. Cut us a break.


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