Laurie Berkner at 30,000 feet?

So tonight I found myself grabbing the headphones out of the seat pocket (ewwww!) and listening to the in-flight entertainment system. One would think that business travel would give me a bit of “mommy space”. You know, time to relax, listen to something other than the Backyardigans (which I love by the way), have a glass of wine, and get a good night sleep.

Hardly. It’s usually filled with bustling people, bad food at hotel bars, working late into the night, and exhaustion.

That being said, on occasion I get to enjoy a flight. Maybe it’s watching a movie on my computer, or listening to tunes on my iPhone – every once in a while I carve out a few minutes to just relax.

Today’s flight wasn’t pure relaxation, I was working away on my computer, but chose to drown out the sound of the plane engines (remind me to thank United for my last-row seat right next to the bathroom) with the in-flight entertainment. I had high hopes for the headsets, even though I was totally skeeved out.

About ten minutes after I put them on, I heard her. Laurie Berkner, Morgan’s favorite, singing about the “buzz buzz buzz, Bumble bee, can’t you see?” Really? Laurie Berkner at 30,000 feet?

I couldn’t help but think of home. I couldn’t help but imagine my little girl, jumping and bouncing on the couch, trying her best to sing along with the DVD. I couldn’t help to think that if she was on the plane next to me, wearing headsets with me, she’d be jumping on the chair and probably wondering, like me, what Laurie Berkner was doing at 30,000 feet.

And then I realized…there’s NO way I’d allow her to put these filthy headsets on her dainty little ears. Eeeewwww….


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  1. Funny mom post. I have to admit that I do enjoy the occasional travel; a big hotel bed without interruption in the night, the workout facility, not having to prepare a meal. In the end, I am always happy to get home.

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