The Breaking Point

This post has been on my mind for exactly 10 days. 10 days ago I was at a bachelorette party, speaking to several other moms. Two of them had sick kids at home and were only staying for a short while, one of them had a neighbor recently pass away, and all of them were balancing life with kids, work, and in need of a bit of “me” time. We all were wondering “how much is too much”.

Jake had been sick with strep throat all summer – no joke. Nine positive strep tests. We were due in for surgery on a Friday (the week before the bachelorette party). The last time we were at the pediatrician for his culture, they gave me the positive results and I cried. Not for me, but for this poor little guy who couldn’t remember what it was like to feel well. I knew the week leading up to surgery would be a little anxiety ridden, but I was ready to make him well. That was my focus.

Then life piled up a bit. The passing of a young man I used to babysit for was first. Wake on Monday, funeral on Tuesday. There is nothing more devastating than a life lost so early.

Following the services, I had to immediately shift my focus to work. A client meeting followed directly behind the funeral. Then there was a day trip to Chicago. Then, the day before Jake’s surgery, I spent a good 17 hours clearing my plate so that I could focus on his recovery the following week.

Surgery went off without a hitch, as did his recovery. But the following week when I was home with him, work was pretty busy, and required my attention. It happens, I’ve learned to juggle pretty well. It’s what a working mom does.

I once heard that God won’t put more on your plate than you can handle. I suppose that’s true, because I somehow survived those two weeks. However, I asked God several times throughout those two weeks to understand that my plate was full. Because sometimes knowing your breaking point threshold  is the only way to prevent yourself from reaching it.

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