The fashionista

The binky had to go, but the accessories had to stay!

She’s got a mind of her own. And it’s never more evident than when she selects an outfit.

If you are going to fish, you should do it in style. Why waste a perfectly good opportunity to put a worm on a hook and touch a slimey fish on some old playclothes? No, only the finest for Morgan.

This is her Easter dress!

But my most favorite outfits of all, are the ones that are completely out of control. You know, like dressing for winter on a 70 degree day…

It was a strange combination, but she looked awfully cute!

Hey, what can I say? I don’t want to stifle her creativity and independence!



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2 responses to “The fashionista

  1. I used to have a sticker that said “I dressed myself” which I slapped on the back on my sons at times – like when they wore jammies to church! She looks adorable.

    • Tammy, sorry for the delay in getting back to this comment. I read it a while ago, and think of it everytime she picks out something to wear. Tonight instead of PJs, she decided to wear a pair of neon print shorts that were a size too small, and a pink/navy printed long sleeve t-shirt. for a while she also had on her hello kitty rain boots with this ensemble.

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