She’s got swagger. I’m talking about Morgan, since I lost mine somewhere between getting pregnant with my first and delivery of my second child.

She’s got serious swagger. I’ve seen it many times – at the playground, walking down Broadway, and definitely at the amusement parks and beaches we visit.

She starts off shy, and within twenty minutes she blossoms into this crazy cute two year old. She walks slightly ahead of you – enough to feel the freedom, but close enough to feel secure. And then it starts. First it’s a wiggle of the hips. Then it’s the swinging of the arms, with them bent at the elbows. Then it’s a bounce in the step.

It’s a walk that I couldn’t mimic if I tried. It’s confident, authoritative, and a bit girly, all wrapped into one. It says, I am toddler, hear me roar. It’s her swagger. And I hope she never loses it.


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