Motorcycles and Tractors

No joke, this was a real conversation with my 4 yo son on our way home from preschool this week.

“Mama, I think you should buy me a motorcycle.”

“Jake, did you just say you want a motorcycle?”

“Uh, yeah, mama, a motorcycle”

“But Jake, don’t you think you are a bit too young for a motorcycle?”

“No mama. Right now I have a John Deere tractor. And it’s great, really great, but it doesn’t go fast. And I’m a boy and like to go fast. You could buy me a motorcycle and I could go really fast all over the yard, and it would be really fun, and I would have a motorcycle. And you know what, mama, I would still ride my tractor. Like maybe I could ride my tractor in the morning, then at night I could ride my motorcycle, and I would ride it really fast mama, and it would make dust, and wouldn’t that be really cool?”

Um, speechless…


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  1. deanne marg

    Uh Oh!!!

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