Not so fast, lil’ buddy

Tomorrow Jake turns four. As I’ve come to realize, the age of four comes with some important stuff. Important I-can-do-it type stuff. Getting dressed, getting ice for his water, riding a skateboard (uh, yeah, see yesterday’s entry for that one!).

So he’s growing up. He’s independent. And proud of it.

It makes me sad to think there is only a short year plus two summers before he enters school. I can still remember the rush of emotions when he was born. I never thought it would go by this quickly.

I watch his growth with bittersweet emotions – proud of the strong, empathetic, considerate, well-mannered boy he is. Sad at the diminishing need for mama. The other day he zippered his own jacket without any help even starting the zipper. Yeah, I almost sent him to time out for that one. Ok, clearly I’m kidding, but I was thinking “how do I stop this, how do I keep him my little boy”?

Tonight, in attempt to have some quiet time, we turned on Toy Story before bed time. He looked at me, crawled onto my lap, put his thumb in his mouth and snuggled in. Perhaps there is still a little preschooler in him, a lil’ guy who still needs his mama. It was heaven. I’ll take it, even if it only comes in small doses.

Grow up? Not so fast, lil’ buddy. You’re breaking mama’s heart.

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  1. You’ll enjoy moments like those continuously. My oldest is now 13 but sometimes he snuggles up on the couch or asks me to read to him. And yes, I still love every minute of it.

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