Awesome, this is awesome

Jake got a great birthday gift today. A skateboard. A real one. Probably nicer than any four-year old should actually own. He can thank his Aunt Carly and Uncle Adrian, because if it had been left to me, he definitely would have gotten a cheap knock off scooter-type board that I would have tried to pass off as a skateboard.

We got home today and there was a box on the porch. Knowing that he had asked Carly several times for a skateboard, I knew she would deliver one in some form or fashion.

“Mama, what’s this box” (he says in an excited and curious tone. After all, he knows it’s almost his birthday.)

“Gee, Jake. I’m not sure. I bet there is something in there for you.”

“Can we open it?”

If you knew my sister, you’d know that the last thing she’d want is for him to have to wait two days to open his gift from her. While we hold the Christmas gifts until Christmas Eve, birthdays have no protocols. So, we started to open the box right away.

It was priceless. Immediately, you could see his pride and fascination in his new prize. He had a skateboard, a real skateboard. “Just like I asked for”, he said. He was almost four. He had a skateboard. Clearly, he became a dude overnight.

The next few hours were spent trying out different ways of playing with the skateboard. Standing next to a piece of furniture and carefully putting his feet on it, swaying back and forth a bit. Sitting on it and inching it backward and forward. Then, his favorite – laying on his stomach, and gliding across our hardwood floors. Yep, that ones a winner. He finished up one of his glides, stood up, and looked back down at his coveted board.

And almost under his breath, he says:

“Awesome, that was just awesome”

Yes, Aunt Carly and Uncle Adrian, you rocked it!


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