Tale of two girls

My son is turning four. He’s a bright, respectful, well-mannered young boy. But I fear he has a bit of a playa’ in him as well.

Jake has two girlfriends. Yes, at the age of 4. I think the preschool term (the one they use, anyway) is “favorite friend”. I didn’t realize the seriousness of the situation until one of my friends told me that “M___ was really upset on the way home from school the other day because she wanted to be Jake’s favorite friend but R___ is trying to be it”.

Wow. At four? Wasn’t expecting this.

A few nights after that, Jake was telling me the tale of the two girls. Apparently, M was out, because R had a green shirt that said “I love Jake”. And if M wants to be his favorite friend, maybe she needs a green shirt that says “I love Jake” too.

A green shirt. That’s what’s winning his affections. I actually thought it was a silly story he made up. Until today. R’s mother happened to e-mail me to RSVP to Jake’ s birthday party – they won’t be able to make it. Good news for M, not so good for R. I’m quite afraid that a birthday party attendance could tip the scales over the green shirt.

Anyhow, back to the story. I decide to get to know R’s mom a bit, especially since her daughter has expressed her love and affection for my son and is convinced they will marry someday. I mention the green shirt scandal, thinking I’m going to get little response. I got just the opposite: “R has a green tshirt that says Love on the front and when she puts it on she says it says “I love Jake” so I know which one you mean, she wore it last week!!  So I know to send her in that more often!!  ;-)”

So he wasn’t making it up! They’ve already exchanged the “L” word! Who are these kids? I’m sure this tale of two girls will continue as they progress into the next classroom together. 4 going on 14. Fantastic.


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