It’s been a long, long time

Wow, my neglected blog. Somehow, mysteriously, I’ve managed to have a few visitors this week. Not sure how that happened, but if you are still here, welcome!

So, let’s talk about this neglected blog. What does it mean? It means I was completely, and utterly unbalanced. I’ve talked about how there is no such thing as a perfect balance when you work full time and have kids. But I usually can find a comfortable balance for myself – sure it’s one where everything takes priority over me still, but the “me” is still there and present, even in a reduced capacity.

It’s not the number of hours worked that puts me out of balance – while a 40 hour work week feels like heaven after a 60 hour work week, I have to admit, that I’ve had some pretty wonderful 60 hour work weeks. They were fun, engaging, dynamic, challenging, and the hours didn’t matter.

But the past few weeks have been filled with life events, work events, some travel, and plenty of deadlines. It happens. It’s life. As my balance diminished, away went my workouts, my healthy eating, my blogging.

All that said, I’m back. Still not balanced, but taking the time I need for myself. At least little moments of time.

And when I’m out of balance, those little moments of time really make a difference.


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