My mom network

I don’t know what I’d do without them. Some of the strongest women I know, and each so individual in their own way. We laugh at our kids follies and share in their troubles. We watch over one another’s kids at daycare, on the playground, at one another’s houses. We share enough similar values that it only takes one mom (usually) to resolve a conflict between two kids. The kids are used to it by now, and recognize that “we are the village”.

Remember that? “It takes a village”. Popular phrase before I was a mom. So, I wasn’t part of the movement, but now I understand it. I’m not sure if it’s taking a village to raise my kids, but that village is keeping me sane, always giving me a sounding board, hearing my fears and disappointments, and revelling in my happiness with me.

The other morning, one of the moms’ posted in her twitter feed a link to her blog post about how her son was out of diapers – even at night. In a half-joking fashion, I admitted I was a little upset that her 233 Twitter followers knew about the milestone before the moms’ network did. I mean, really, who are these 233 followers anyway? Guarantee, at least 228 of them never wiped her son’s nose for her, but I have.  She humored me back by letting me know that she thought she’d already told me. Had we’d been able to squeeze in a cup of coffee that day, I’m sure it would have been the first topic we discussed.

I wonder how many of the 233 followers clicked on the link and did a happy dance for her. I did. That’s the thing about a great network of moms – you really celebrate with one another and support one another. What may have seemed like a mundane tweet to anyone without kids, it wasn’t to us moms. It was a milestone – one that made us all believe that we’d get there with our kids as well.

A good mom network allows you to celebrate, to enjoy the moment, to brag. It provides support, compassion, and empathy when you need it most.

It may not truly take a village to raise my kids, but it does take a village to support me as a mom. And I’m not afraid to admit it!



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3 responses to “My mom network

  1. What a great post! I couldn’t agree more and am forever greatful that you’re in my inner mom-circle(my 233 followers agree)

  2. MediaMom

    I couldn’t agree more! I’m so grateful that you’re a fellow mom in MY village, too.

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