A fly on the arm

My daughter is afraid of bugs. And somewhat fascinated by them as well. She can’t see one without making a big deal of it “Mama, a bug. Mama, a bug.” You get the picture.

The other day a fly landed on her arm at the playground. Pretty innocuous. Apparently, not to Morgan. She jumped up on my lap and sat there, holding her arm, as though it bit her (and we know it didn’t). She didn’t cry, just sat there stunned and shocked.

Knowing better than to make a big deal out of anything potentially negative to a 2yo, I played it down. I gave her a quick hug, told her that flies are harmless, and sent her back out to the playground.

Apparently, I wasn’t sympathetic enough. I watched her walk around to the other moms on the playground (moms we didn’t know!), holding her arm and talking about the bug. She approached 3 different moms, who rightfully had very little reaction (whether or not they could even understand her 2yo jargon is unknown), and finally gave up.

Oh, my little drama queen!


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