Monday hater

I am not a Monday hater. Not really. I hate parts of Mondays – specifically, the parts where I have to drag my kids out of bed and get them back in the daycare routine. But I do enjoy my job, and starting a fresh week has never bothered me.

Until today. I blame the weekend – a glorious, fun-filled, snuggle-filled, lovey-filled weekend of goodness with my kids. Saturday was a lazy day, while we lounged around in our PJs eating Dora fruit snacks and watching Wonderpets on TV. The kids took turns, alternating who got to sit on my lap and cuddle. And miraculously, so, they did it without fighting.

Sunday was even better. A stop at Starbucks followed by two straight hours of playground fun. I watched the kids run, jump, slide, and swing till their heart’s content. No worries, no cares, just fun in the sun. We all took a good nap, then headed back outside to let the kids play on their Little Tykes slide that was properly positioned to have them land in their kiddie pool. They’d slide a few times, then come over and lay down on top of me and – yep – more snuggles.

It was fantastic. We brought them inside, gave them baths, set up a little indoor picnic with soup and goldfish, and had great bedtimes. I didn’t want it to end.

So you really can’t blame me for driving into work, dreading what the work day had to offer. Truth be told? It was an ok day at the office. I still hated every minute of it, regretting the fact that I wasn’t partaking in some fun with the kids. Only four more workdays left in the week.

I’m sure I’ll get through it, knowing the fun that is waiting for me on the other end.


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