Blessed children

We took the kids to church the other day. Catholic church re: 1+ hour mass. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous as h-ll (am I allowed to say that in a post about church?). We always had the best intentions of making sure our kids went to church. I admit, I enjoy church. It restores my soul, helps me keep the faith, ensures me that with all of life’s craziness, there is someting out there larger than me, my stresses, my daily life. It balances me.

But having two kids under the age of four isn’t exactly a natural match for a rigid Sunday church schedule. Oh, yeah, I’ve seen those perfect families with perfectly behaved children – and I know – it’s because they’ve been coming to church with their kids since they were babies. And I have not. I’ll admit it, the thought of it was just too overwhelming for me. I like to control things. I like things to be orderly. And church is. But two kids in a church? No control.

Or so I thought. We entered the church and my kids – literally – turned into the most angelic creatures you’ve ever seen. In fact, they were better behaved than I was. And what ensued was the most beautiful family outing that I’ve ever had with them. No joke. Oh, and let me say, while I’m spiritual and faithful, I’ve never been the most devout, avid goer church parisioner, so for me to find the most beautiful family outing in this experience, has little to do with church…and more to do with the experience.

Morgan was a bit overwhelmed, but snuggled into her father’s or my shoulders, happy and content to observe the world around her from the safety of our loving arms.

Jake climbed right up my lap and sat there, waiting to see what would happen.

As the ceremony progressed (and being confirmation, it was a long one), both kids became entranced with the music. So much so, that Morgan would look up at me innocently when it stopped and say “music on? music on?”. When the priest gave his homily, she was listening so intently that after she said “movie all done”. This was said loudly enough for 4 rows of parishioners to hear, but I took it as a good sign that she really had been ‘listening’.

Jake sat quietly throughout most of the ceremony. At one point he was crawling along the floor and bumped his eye on the kneeling bench – there were a few tears, but even that didn’t hold much drama for us.

And the biggest snafu? Well, it was me opening their snack packs of Cheez-Its. I hadn’t calculated how loud the bags would be, and honestly didn’t think that it would be a problem to bring a snack for the kids. They were good about eating them quietly, but it took me a while to open them and was admittedly disruptive. I guess it’s me you can’t dress up and take out ; -)

I knew my kids were special, but that was quite a moment.


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