Heaven is not close to home

It seems that we are on a once-every-three-day streak addressing our pet’s death. We’ve been very careful of not bringing it up, and not mentioning her, especially to my four-year-old son. He knows she’s died and gone to heaven. But as I posted here (https://momdrobe.wordpress.com/2010/04/13/the-thinker/) my son has not forgotten.

Tonight he was playing on his bunk bed ladder – yes, he was playing on it.  He has been talking alot this week about loving people forever. The other night he asked if I’d love him forever. I told him of course, to which point he said “Good, that makes me happy”. So we were chatting it up while he climbed up and down the ladder and I asked him, “Who is going to love you forever?”

His response broke my heart. “Mama and dada, but not Katy-Katy because she’s in heaven and that’s not close to home”.

I felt bad for him, but really wasn’t sure how to respond. So I gave it my best shot. “Jake, heaven is far away, but it’s a good place, Katy loves you from there”.

“Ok, mama, dada, and Katy-Katy will love me.”

Again, one of those moments in motherhood that you will never be truly prepared for. All I can do is be honest and hope I’m steering him the right way.


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