Oh, the drama!

She does 2 well and she’s proud of it. Frankly, I don’t mind the terrible twos. But even the best of moms get tired of the overdramatic temper tantrums.

Tonight was no exception. Both the kids had the day off of school today – Morgan went to Grandma’s, Jake to Nana’s. Both came home with treats, new clothes, and well rejuvenated. A day off is just as important for kids as it is for adults. So I thought it was going to be an “easy” night. And truthfully, it was. But only because I beat her at her game.

I softly told Morgan that it was time for her to go to bed. Her little pixy face shriveled up, she took a deep breath in, and let out a huge wail, which sort of sounded like “NOOOOOAAAAAHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO”. You get the point.

What really sealed the deal, was the dramatic flinging of the body that occurred with the cry. It started with running across the great room, followed by flinging herself dramatically on the couch, followed by peeking over the back of the couch to see what my reaction was.

I smirked, looked at her, and said in the calmest voice possible “Am I supposed to react to that?”

She looked at me bewildered. In a slightly shaky voice (even the best drama queens don’t recover that quickly), she said “Yes?” Then she got off the couch, gave her dada a hug and a kiss, and led the way to bedtime.

And that, Ladies and Gents, is how it’s done. Or, at least, how it was successfully done tonight. I’ve learned that the game changes everyday…



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2 responses to “Oh, the drama!

  1. Lori

    I remember Madison’s first temper tantrum-she flung herself on the kitchen floor, wailing and kicking. I looked at the scene unfolding, let it play out for a few seconds, and walked to the kitchen table, stepping over her in the process. She sat up with a ‘WT just happened’ look on her face. Tantrum over.

  2. It’s always nice to know I am not alone!!!

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