Girlfriends galore

Jake, my 4-year-old, has two girlfriends. And he thinks that’s “cool” because some kids only have one. These poor girls – they are both smitten with him, and he’s realized he can play both of them. One mother tells me, “Riley is so infatuated with Jake – he’s all she talks about.” The other tells me, “Maddie cried on the way home last night because she wants to be Jake’s best friend, but Riley is trying to be it too.” Oh, the choices. I remember growing up and thinking it was always the guys that had choices. They could choose me or not. Seems like I was doing the chasing. I felt for these girls.

So, I decided to find out where he was at.

“Jake, do you have any girlfriends at school?”

“Yeah, mama, Maddie and Riley. Big Riley, not little Riley.”

“Really, Jake, you have two?”

“Yep, mama, that’s cool, right? Other kids only get one, but I have two.”

OK, he’s four. I’m going to cut him a break and remember that he’s not quite old enough to get it, but I’m not so sure that’s completely true. We spend a lot of time with Maddie – she’s part of our playgroup. And each party we attend, each event we meet up at, all she wants at the end is a hug goodbye from Jake. We send the poor thing off in hysterics every time, because he flat-out refuses to wrap his arms around her for five seconds…and yes, if you read yesterday’s post, this was the little one he stood up for at the age of 15 months!

Tonight, I was asking him about his day and who he played with. I never know what he’s going to say, and honestly wasn’t thinking about the girlfriend situation. But clearly, he’s made a choice – for today anyway…

“I played with big Riley. She has a green shirt, and I like it. The green shirt says I love Jake. It’s the love Jake t-shirt. Maddie doesn’t have one.”

I guess that solves that! Maddie, your prince charming is out there somewhere, I promise!


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