Too bad, so sad

We call Jake “considerate”. He is. He’s usually in tuned to his friends feelings at daycare, and often tells us stories about feeling bad about something that happened to another kid.

When he was 15 months old, a kid in his class pushed his girlfriend, Maddie, down. Jake ran over, stood right up to the kid (who was a good two inches taller than he), and stared him down. He made his point – the kid backed down and walked away. I didn’t know kids that young were capable of sticking up for their friends in such an appropriate way (at this time in his life, reports of kids biting one another were common). I was impressed, proud and…well…ecstatic, that he was so loyal and considerate of his friends.

But the other night, he and Morgan were fighting over a toy in the bath. He grabbed it from her, and when she started crying, he looked at her and said “Too bad, so sad.” I have no idea where he picked this phrase up from. I have to admit, it made me a little sad to see this side of him. My little man – the one who watched out for his friends, knew how to share, and generally showed empathy to others – my little, self-aware man, could actually be…well…a kid.

I guess I was a bit naive. And, I guess I can be glad that empathetic Jake prevails the majority of the time. As Jake would probably tell me, “Too bad, mama, so sad”. I suppose that phrase will be sticking around for a bit.


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