The Pow Pow Face

“Mama, do you want to see the Easter bunny?”, Jake said to me tonight. Honestly, how could I resist? “Sure, Jake.” It had been a wonderful Easter – full of treats, good food, family, and lots of fun. He jumped off my lap and ran to the end table. “Oh mama, it’s not here” he said sadly. “What are you looking for?” “You know, mama, the magazine with the bunny with the pow pow face.”

I had no idea what magazine he was remembering (or imagining), but this idea of the pow pow face definitely required further exploration. I asked him what a pow pow face looks like. He wrinkled his nose, put angers in his eyes, and showed his teeth. Hmmm…Freud would have a field day with Jake’s interpretation of the Easter bunny. “Jake, why does the bunny have a pow pow face?” I should have known the answer – my thoughtful little boy always has a reason. “Because, mama, some little boys and girls weren’t good and he had to skip over their house. But not me.”

He was right. He had been a good boy. And the Easter Bunny showed up in full force. He awoke this AM to a plethora of sweets in his Easter basket, a few dinosaurs, new rubber boots, sidewalk chalk, and magic bubble guns. A little boy’s dream. I heard him run down the stairs, to find his dada sleeping on the couch (we’ve had a nasty coughing virus running through our house, and have taken turns sleeping on the couch during the worst of it). I snuck out into the living room, recognizing that Jake barely noticed me.

This was the first holiday where he had the “early awakening excitement” – you know, when children wake up unprompted extra early because they can’t contain their excitement! I was thrilled to see him reach this “milestone”, knowing it meant he was fully aware of the holiday and what would be waiting for him.

He ran to the hearth. “Dada, I got a T-Rex!” he yelled, placing the T-Rex on top of my husband (who incidentally had just taken nighttime cold medicine three hours before hand, rendering him half-conscious). “Dada, I got a brontosaurus!” (brontosaurus dutifully placed on top of my husband). “Dada, I got a stegosaurus!”…”Dada, I got yellow peeps!”…”Dada, I got purple peeps!”…and so it went. With each new treasure, the excitement in his voice doubled. All day long, he played with his treasures, basking in the glory of new treats.

I often marvel in the fun of raising a preschooler. And today was no exception. I find myself tonight counting down the days to his birthday…in the meantime, perhaps I can make up a holiday, just so we can relive the excitement all over again! If you happen to see the bunny with the pow pow face, perhaps it’s time to tell him to turn the frown upside down…it’s way more fun celebrating the good times than punishing the bad!!!


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