Farts in the bed

This is going to be the MOST undignified post EVER. But hey, I promised to be real, tell the truth, and talk about parenthood. My four-year-old loves talking about bodily functions, so to avoid mentioning them in my posts would be dishonest.

But really, this post has a point. Sometimes my kids are difficult. Bedtime, daycare drop offs, PJ time…it happens. I’ve finally learned that battling them as an adult, setting boundaries, and being the stern parent doesn’t always work. Don’t get me wrong, my kids are great with their time outs, don’t touch things they aren’t supposed to, and are generally well-behaved.

However, there are a lot of moments that require a different parenting approach – it’s about coming down to their level. And with my son, it requires some mention of bodily function.

Case-and-point: My son loves to push my buttons at bedtime. Lollygagging around his room, he’ll do anything to keep from settling down and reading a story. I used to battle it – counting to three, leaving his room, telling him we wouldn’t have time to read. Until I found the cure-all approach.  It goes like this:

“Jake, if you don’t get over here right now, I’m going to fart in your bed”

Yes, this is highly uncivilized, unladylike, and outside of my character. But what happens when I say this to a four-year old? My loving little boy bursts into laughter, forgets his belligerence, and jumps into bed, saying “No mama, no farts in the bed!”

So you may think I’m crass, crude, or just a bit crazy. But I challenge you…on a rough night, try it out. You may just find you have as much fun with it as they do! I know I end up in fits of laughter, teasing him, and having him laugh and tease me back. And besides, fart jokes are always funny!

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  1. nicole morehousé

    Awesome…simply awesome! You made my stitches hurt 🙂

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