Coming down to their level

This is related to the fart post, which I am pretty sure qualifies me as “mother of the year”. No, not because I entertain my son with bodily functions, but because I’m willing to admit it. Probably a good time to be thankful that this blog is in its infancy with limited readers.

In all honesty, coming down to your kids’ level – frequently – is important. It’s something I remind myself of often. So, besides the fart jokes (giggle, giggle, how many times am I going to admit to that in one night?), there are other things I do.

  • Singing and dancing in all sorts of crazy ways. Are you the little teapot? Yes, but only if you are dancing, wiggling your butt, and singing in a high-pitched voice.
  • Stinky feet. My kids love, love, love having me smell their feet, wrinkle my nose in disgust, and go “eeeewwwww…stinky”. For my oldest, we’ve evolved this into a game where he rubs his feet on me and says he’s making me stinky!
  • On that note, any word that ends with the long ‘e’ is a winner! Try it – “stinkee, sillee, yuckee, crazee, funee”. And yes, I recognize those words are supposed to end in ‘y’, but I promise you it’s much funnier if they end in an elongated “eeeeee”.
  • Slithering snake. Dangerous dinosaurs. If you aren’t imitating animals, face, sounds, and everything, you are missing out on some great fun!
  • A day in their world. Having trouble with daycare drop offs? I pretend I’m going to school too. Sitting on the daycare floor, I pretend I’m in circle time. This results in giggles and rolling around the floor with my son, who has long forgotten his drop-off grudge.
  • Remember the scene in The Christmas Story where the kids ate their food like piggies? Yeah, enough said. Sunday dinner is Sunday dinner. We hang out and have fun. And sometimes get a bit messy.

Parenting is not all prim and proper. It’s about enjoying one another. Sometimes you want your kids to behave, be quiet, and use their manners. But those times should never outnumber the moments of pure joy, unleashing your own inner child, while enjoying their spirit, energy, and spunk. And that enjoyment is best felt when you are all on the same level.



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2 responses to “Coming down to their level

  1. faerieshadow

    Awesome post! Thank you, I really needed that reminder today.

  2. I re-read it often. I wrote it once, but often need the reminder myself. You are welcome ; – )

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