Signs of Spring

Sure, it’s lighter later…and sunnier during the day…and warmer. But the true signs of spring are realized through our children. Here’s how I know spring is upon us:

– My son insists on peeing outside. The other day I suspect he actually held it when I picked him up from his daycare room so he could pee in the parking lot instead. This morning as I was putting on his sister’s jacket, he opened the front door to pee off the porch. Not much outdoor peeing gets done in the cold, winter months, I assure you.

– My daughter is obsessed with riding in the car with her window open. Yes, she’s always game for rolling down her window, however, it’s different when the weather gets nice. Dare I say it? Of course I do. She hangs her head forward, beaming just like a dog. Yes, she tries to hang her head out the window like a dog (sometimes tongue at all). See the point is, she truly enjoys having her window down with this nice weather, and her whole persona changes. And I’m thankful that the car seat ensures her head actually stays inside the car!

– Both my children are happier, more carefree. Don’t underestimate the value of pure Vitamin D, harnessed from the sun. It’s all smiles in our house.

– Finally, and most important, we’ve ditched the hats, gloves, and heavy jackets for nice, spring weight, easy-to-get-on fleeces. Easier get-out-the-door routine? Now that’s enough to make me hang my head out the open window like a dog!

Now, if only the rest of the snow would melt so we could hit the playground!

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