The party of the year

My kids’ birthdays are extremely important to me. They allow me to reminisce on their first moments of life (and sometimes the hours leading up to them!), how much they’ve grown in the past year, and how special they both are. Subsequently, I want my kids to feel celebrated and center stage on their birthdays. Therefore, their parties MUST be over the top.

My friend Lauren and I were discussing it this morning. It’s a chance for me to give them a special day, planning with all of my heart to make it extra special. I stress out about everything – the theme, the food, the guests, the favors. I am giving them a piece of my neurotic, over-planning, over-doing-it self. And, I’m giving them a piece of my heart.

Morgan’s latest birthday was no exception. We had to do Sesame Street. We had to have four-foot walking Elmo and Big bird balloons. We had to have fun invites, great food, the best favors…the list went on and on. And yes, she was just turning two.

I had the day planned out, divided into pre-nap, during-nap, and after-nap activities. Pre-nap we cleaned, cooked, and got the tables ready for decorating. During-nap, I got the walking balloons filled, picked up the food, set out the cake, decorations, and favor bags (which by the way, rocked!). Post-nap it was all about the big reveal.

After putting her in her Elmo and Zoe t-shirt (yes, even my kids’ outfit coordinates with the birthday theme), we brought her downstairs. And that moment – the brief moment when she sees that the house has been turned into a wonderland of Sesame Street and it’s all for her – is worth it. Worth the stress, the loss of sleep, the planning and hard work.

Her eyes light up, her face shines, and she realizes (as I dreamed she would), that this is her day. And that she’s the most special and loved little girl. As I tear up watching her wonderment and excitement, I can’t help but think, “how will we top this next year”? Good thing I have some time to plan…


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