How quickly they grow

Happy birthday, baby girl.

I honestly had no idea how much my little girl had grown until today. Of course, she’s been talking, meeting development milestones, and learning how to jump and skip – all the normal two-year old things.

Today I set aside a day for just her and I. I took a vacation day from work, dropped her brother at day care (yes, I felt a tiny bit bad about that, but he’ll get his own day on his birthday) and set out with my little birthday girl.

We had donuts at Starbucks. Birthday photos at JC Penney’s. Hair cut. New sneakers. All followed by lunch and play at a special indoor playground for toddlers. We laughed, sang, talked. We walked, skipped, jumped. We picked out shoes and clothes. We played games. She was this little toddler, no longer a baby, yet not quite a kid.

I noticed all the little things. Reveled in the new discoveries – like the way she processed your question with an “ummmm….sure”. And the way that she agreed with you, saying “OKAY” anytime you needed something from her. And the way she teased. And the way she exhibited her cuteness to everyone around her, basking in the attention that was all hers. We lucked out – even the indoor playground was empty today! It was Morgan’s day and no one else was there to interrupt her, take her toy, or steal the attention.

With two kids, I am constantly splitting my time and attention. I can’t remember the last time we had an individual “fun” day. A day where Morgan was allowed to rule the roost, adjust the agenda based on her mood, and have all the attention solely focused on her. And after today, I’m not letting another year pass by without a few more special days…

Birthdays should be special. They come once a year. And I’m convinced, today, my little girl felt like a princess. And mama couldn’t be any prouder of the person she is becoming.


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