Complete Cuteness

Thankfully (still counting my blessings on this one), Morgan figured out that being cute gets her far more attention than crying. Yes, we finally got there, and I think there is nothing better than a 2 year old being cute.

Tonight was great – she sat on my lap, with a plate of chicken nuggets, french fries, and a lollipop (no comment!) and played cute all night. Cute licking her lips and saying yummy to her lollipop. Cute turning around and putting her nose to mine, staring in my face. Cute putting her feet in the air and saying “tickle, tickle”.

It was great. But the best part was when Jake caught on to her being “cute” and started to be cute to entertain her as well. They were so happy and playful and the giggles didn’t stop. And I have to say that I was working hard to encourage it – who wouldn’t?

But then came the clincher, the moment where I knew I’d regret what was about to happen. Jake taught her how to pick her nose AND they both thought that was the funniest thing EVER! There was no talking them out of it, and once they started doing it together, there was no stopping them! Giggles, roaring laughter, rolling on the couch hysterics ensued, with fingers in their noses.

Well, you can’t win them all!

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