Sweet, silent moments

With toddlers, it’s not often that you get those sweet, silent, quiet moments of just being together. Usually the days are filled with pure chaos, constant activity, and well, a bit of whining to top it all off.

Everyday I feel guilty about the limited amount of time I get to spend with Morgan. She starts to melt down around 6:45, with bedtime right around the corner at 7. Considering that we get home at about 6:05, you can see our minutes tick down from the moment we walk through the door.

Knowing that keeping her up later is not an option, I’ve decided to lengthen the bed time process. So while we read our standard books, I’ve added an additional 20 minutes of “us” time. She is so quiet and content during these 20 minutes. It’s like our own little piece of heaven, just mama and baby (yes, I’m living in denial that she’s a full-fledged toddler), enjoying one another.

The peace and contentment is indescribable.  Tonight, as we lay there on her bed, staring at each other, she reached up and brushed the few strands of hair that were hanging in my eyes. I did the same back to her. Then she reached her little arm up and rested it on my shoulder. I lifted my hand to her back, gently rubbing it to help her drift off to sleep.

There were a few moments of quietly pointing to my facial features – eyes, nose, mouth, cheek, ears – and softly telling me what she was pointing to. When she got to the mouth, she lifted her tiny head from her pillow to allow me to kiss her forehead.

I watched my poor little girl struggle to keep her eyes open. She didn’t want the time to end anymore than I did. Her eyelids fluttering, her breathing starting to slow, she’d pop back awake and look at me with eyes filled with love. It was just she and I, no interruptions, not a care in the world.

It was pure joy, complete fulfillment, the best part of my day. And the best part is, I get that time all over again tomorrow night, and the next night…and on and on…

Sleep tight, baby girl. Mama loves you.

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