Life with Two

Life with two kids under the age of four, and only 21 months apart is tougher than we initially anticipated it. Yes, we admit it. Today in the bookstore, we found ourself chasing two kids through the aisles going in separate directions. They weren’t being bad, they were just excited. So what was to planned to be a nice family outing turned into individual parent/kid outings, with “Have you got _____?” yelled over the books.

But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Because for all of the crazy, stressed out moments – especially those where I am anxiety-ridden because both kids need something from mama at that point in time and nothing will satisfy each of them but my undivided attention, I am also blessed with moments like these:

  • Looking back in the car this afternoon, seeing them both bopping their heads, looking and giggling at each other, while “Oh what a night” played on the radio
  • Having Jake say “Morgan, do you want my stegosaurus, sweetie, while I play with my T-Rex?”
  • Having Morgan wake up every morning, and the first words uttered are “Jake, here?”
  • Watching Morgan pat Jake on the back because he is crying and sad. Granted, he was crying because she stole his tricycle, but at least she didn’t want him to be sad

And my favorite of all times, hearing my son say (in his most loving tone)

“Mama, Morgan is being a stinker! She’s SO silly!”

So while I know that we don’t leave the house as often, deal with the little bickering that occurs ten times a day, and can never give each of them the attention that I really want to, I don’t regret a thing. Because in the end, watching them love one another is the most fulfilling part of each and every day.


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  1. dee marg

    Thanks for the laugh! They are sooo much fun!

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