A time out of dinosaur proportions

Rubber dinosaurs get in an awful lot of trouble. In fact, they seem to be forgetting to mind their manners lately, much like a certain 3-1/2 year old boy I know.

Tonight a brand new rubber dinosaur (a prize received at school today for an activity he can’t remember) was in a load of trouble. So much, in fact, that time out consisted of being barricaded inside of a toy box. When that didn’t work, the dinosaur was locked away in a lunchbox, with threats that it would be eaten by my son. When I asked him if he was eating the dinosaur for not having manners, he said no. He was eating him because he was hungry. Fair enough.

The dinosaur did finally make it out of time out, with a stern warning:

“Dinosaur, you were put in time out for not saying please. Use your manners and stop being so bossy. I’m not putting up with it anymore. I love you.”

Wow, those words sound frighteningly familiar!


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