About those vampires

I have to admit it (ever notice I “admit” a lot on this blog?) that I have been taken by the vampire fads. Yes, I used the word “fad”. I know that this genre of literature has been quite popular among “true fans” for many years, but it was never something I really got into.

I blame Twilight. I picked it up while I was on maternity leave with Morgan, and two chapters in, I was hooked. Honestly, I didn’t even know it was a book written for teenagers. I had just heard a lot about it on the chat boards, and decided I had nothing to lose in checking it out. I loved the book so much that when the movie came out, I went to the midnight premier. It was then that I realized that I was 20 years older than the average reader. Or at least the average fanatic.

We were in the theater, and I was thinking “Wow, if I’d had kids younger, I’d be these girls’ mother!” Yes, I felt old. Very old. But when the movie started, I felt as giddy as a teenager. What can I say, I like a good book. And a hot vampire.

So here I am on Wednesday, January 20, counting down the minutes to the premier of the Vampire Diaries season premier tomorrow. Oh yeah, I refused to watch the Twilight knock-off because I thought this vampire fad had gotten out of control. Then, during rerun season I caught up on a week marathon of the teeny-bopper show. And now I’m hooked. To a vampire movie and a vampire television series.

I’m not sure if this is vicarious living, a desire to feel young, or just a valid appreciation for this fantasy genre that I previously had no interest in. However, I have decided one thing – guilty pleasures are a good thing. And yes, I am a Team Edward girl and have the closet shirt to prove it (thank you, mom!)


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