Quinoa schminoa

So tonight I introduced my husband (and myself) to the interesting texture of quinoa. My husband is not afraid of trying new foods, but he really likes his meat, potatoes, and fish. With us trying to eat more balanced, heart healthy meals, we’ve been having a lot of white fish and brown rice. And white fish and brown rice. You get the picture. So I decided to add some more healthy grains to our cupboard.

It went ok. Secretly I was hoping that this super food was going to be a revolution in how I thought about healthy food. That it was going to be the “taste” I’d been waiting for. Similar to the day I found out that fresh cilantro can turn just about any dish into a citrusy, floral burst of greatness.

Instead, I found what was honestly and truthfully described by my husband as “bland and a bit rubbery”. And I had even added carrots and onions to it while cooking, so there was at least some substance. I had to agree with him. I managed to get it down fine, and I even saved the leftovers knowing it is “good for me”. However, I refuse to back down and give up on it.

I’m pulling out all stops – chicken stock, fresh basil, diced tomatoes, fresh cilantro, ancho chili peppers – not all at once of course, but I’ll be experimenting with quinoa until the cows come home. Or at least until we can eat it with at least some satisfaction.

I’d welcome input on any fantastically healthy, whole grain dishes you are a fan of!


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  1. Ha ha! I’ve tried quinoa too, and I totally agree that it’s bland and rubbery. I’ve even made it cold, in salads, that really ought to have been delicious… but no. Bland and rubbery.

    My current favorite grainy dish is a wild rice thing with chicken and slivered almonds. Mushroom & barley casserole is good too.

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