Day 1 of my better self

I woke up with a renewed passion for life, jumping out of bed at 5 AM to see what challenges awaited me on this new journey. Ha ha – hardly. Waking up at 5 sucked! However, I did it.

Down the stairs I quietly went, iPod in hand, to rendezvous with my neglected treadmill. Ten minutes into it (I was still walking, not yet running), I found my inflection point – that point where you really start to begin to understand that you have more in you than you give yourself credit for. Forty five minutes later, I was done with a great work out. For you fitness buffs, it would have been your warm up, but I was proud of myself for my efforts.

Then I found it – the renewed passion, the excitement for the journey I was about to begin. Because as I climbed up the stairs to the quiet house, I realized that not only did I just do something great for myself, but I now had at least 30 minutes of peace to myself. AND I COULD HAVE THIS EVERY DAY! Imagine all the possibilities – drinking a cup of coffee and watching the morning snow fall, reading the previous day’s paper that went untouched, maybe even logging on and doing an early morning blog post. The time was mine – all mine!

So while I know that tomorrow will be a tough wake up call, I’m determined to do it. And I’m confident I’m on the way to a more balanced, healthier, better self.


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