The most fabulous mom bloggers

An old friend recently sent me a link to Babble’s Top 50 Mom Bloggers. I have to admit, I’m fascinated. What an extraordinary group of women, each with their own point of view, each with their own success.

I’m not really sure what it takes to become one of these “powerful, influential” bloggers. To be honest, that’s not why I started writing this blog. But if you read some of their backgrounds, many of them didn’t either. You could spend days reading, and not even scratch the surface of the unique experiences within these blogs…

Motherhood can be a very uniting experience. I have known this for a while – well, for as long as my “mom’s group” has existed (aka Sunday morning playgroups at my house). A group of extraordinary, successful moms and me. We quickly became an instant support system for one another, and our playgroups were a safe place to share our issues, our fears and worries, and our concern for our kids’ well being. More importantly, it was a forum to celebrate our successes and the fabulousness that existed within each one of us.

I suppose we all need this – we all need to know that we are not alone in this journey called motherhood. For me, the need for it was never as evident as when I had my second daughter and was really struggling with post-partum depression. Months of counseling, drugs, and self-reflection later, I am now a stronger, more capable mom. However, all the experts in the world wouldn’t have been able to make such a difference if I didn’t have this core group of women standing by my side.

All that said, I started blogging to journal the experience of motherhood. To capture those little moments (maybe someday I can use my blog to finally populate the kids’ baby books). To refine my writing skills, which had gone by the wayside over the years.

Then I decided to share my blog. Through facebook and twitter, I’d pop my latest posts out there, for the virtual social world to see and share. More of an experiment than a goal, I became surprised when I saw the stats on my blog rise. I certainly don’t have 2 million followers, like the queen of all bloggers, Heather Armstrong (a good read, but there are a good handful of you who are reading (and maybe even following?).

So for the twenty or so of you who are out there reading, I will do my best to stay relevant and fresh, sharing the honesty of motherhood, and the wonderment of our children. If you have anything to share, feel free to comment on the posts – I would love nothing more than to start some dialogue about this journey we are all on.

It’s very unlikely that I will ever make an official “influential” list. But that’s ok by me. Thanks for reading…


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