New Year, New You (aka my resolutions for a better self)

OK, it’s that time of year. I don’t usually do resolutions. But this year has been kind of a mess, and I see the changing of the calendar as an opportunity to restart. Restart healthy habits, less stress, better lifestyle. You know, the little stuff.

There is so much I want to do. This is extremely important to me, so I am giving myself the best chance for success – beginning my resolutions on Monday, January 4. The weekends are about relaxation and rejuvenation (and vacuuming, laundry, prepping for the week, etc). But Monday starts my normal routine, so I think it’s best to begin then.

If you know me, you aren’t surprised I have a full action plan. Goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics to achieve the stronger, happier, better me. But I won’t bore you with my business plan, you’ll get just the highlights.

Weight and healthy eating

I refuse to diet. No way, no how. However, my eating habits SUCK. So I vow to the following:

  • I will meal plan on Fridays, and prep on Sundays. No more convenience in the kitchen. Healthy, homemade meals and lower grocery bills. I will take two “gimme” days a week from the meal planning to help me be successful in sticking with it
  • I will no longer consider scones, donuts, and cinnamon rolls a suitable breakfast. Bring on the Kashi whole grain cereal, the oatmeal, and the occasional egg white omelet. However, you will not find me gagging down turkey bacon – yuck!
  • I will eat better lunches. A can of Progresso soup, filled with veggies, is a heck of a lot healthier than a quarter pound of turkey and mayo on a sub roll. And better for my wallet
  • I will no longer use food as an emotional pacifier during stressful times, with that said…

Stress reduction

My Achilles heal. On the one hand, I have become very successful in my career by being driven by the stress and challenges a career in advertising brings. However, on the other hand, I have also become really good at internalizing the stress and anxiety that comes with being a working mom. So I vow to the following:

  • I will workout, at minimum, three times a week. At minimum. Even in the worst of weeks, I will get on the treadmill or pop in Jillian Michaels and reduce my stress. I also will be healthier because of it
  • I will utilize holistic techniques – mid-day stretches, breathing exercises, aromatherapy – on a bad day. I’m not sure how to do these things, but I vow to figure them out
  • I will take time for myself once a month. At least 3 hours dedicated to doing something for myself
  • In addition to the 3 hours listed above, I will have at least one night out a month with a friend. I am realigning priorities for better balance. I will also have one night out a month with my husband. Count it up – I just found myself three hours and two nights to rebalance myself. Not too shabby!

Time management

Let’s face it, I’m not getting rid of any responsibilities, work or personal, anytime soon. That being said, I vow to:

  • Be more organized at home and at work to maximize my time
  • Set boundaries between work and home, so there is less interference between the two. Yes, I am sure there will still be plenty of evenings getting some work done at home, but I need to set some boundaries, fulfill my obligations, and disconnect once in a while
  • Get up a bit earlier and enjoy a little me time each morning. If I achieve the two previous bullets, I should be getting to bed earlier, and getting up earlier will just be habit. In fact, I may be able to use this time for my workouts, and expand to 5 workouts a week. However, I am setting attainable goals and holding myself to them. 5 can wait.

I have many more goals and aspirations, but if I fulfill the vows listed above, I believe I will be on the right path to greater happiness, greater health, and a better self. Best wishes to all of you for the next year. May you seek out the best in others, feel the joy of children, and if you are searching for it, find your better self. Peace, love and happiness always.



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