Little discoveries

The most inspiring thing about being a mom is watching the world through your kids’ eyes. The reality sets in that they are little sponges, learning something new everyday. Tonight I was blessed to see both my kids discover something new.

Since it’s been dark at daycare pick up for a while, my son has noticed that there are “two moons” – one at daycare and one waiting for him when he gets home. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was the same one. I’m not sure if this is wise – should I be turning that fifteen minutes of awe into a science lesson? Anyway, back to the point. Tonight, as we were driving home, he got all excited and exclaimed “Mama, the moon is driving with us! It’s out my window”. It was awesome. It must have been the first time that he was able to see the moon out his back window. It led to quite the imaginative story – the moon doesn’t have a car, or maybe it does. Maybe it’s an old car. The moon is driving fast like us. He was so excited and so in awe over the glowing moon – the one I never pay much attention to.

Fast forward about a half hour. We’re home, both kids fed, and Morgan is running through the house. She stops, gets on her tip toes, and looks at me so surprised. She started walking forward, squealed with delight, and spent the next 20 minutes tip toeing through the house. She looked like a little pixie, her nose all wrinkled with delight, a smile from ear to ear.

I’m sure these moments happen far more often than I realize or recognize, but after the joy I felt tonight watching them in awe of their discoveries, I’ve vowed to be more in tune with these little moments going forward.


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