The perfect Christmas gift

So my son wanted a “BIG T-Rex”, big like the Christmas tree for Christmas. And of course, Santa managed to find the perfect one. He was so excited and overwhelmed by the T-rex. This morning he even mentioned that his T-rex was so big, he needed a few friends to help him carry it.

In a moment of sharing on Christmas night, I told him what my most perfect present ever was.

“Jake, do you know what my most favorite gift was? It was you. When you came out of my belly, I held you and said that I would love you forever. You were my baby boy”

Apparently, the sentiment did not translate well into a 3-year-old’s mind.

“Mama, I was just stuck in there and wanted to get out and see Dada”

Well, at least now I know where I rank in the pecking order…


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