Get it together, mama!

So he didn’t quite say it that way. But it’s clearly what he meant.

I thought my Monday morning was actually going quite well. We hadn’t had any morning, getting-out-the-door meltdowns. Both kids had clean hands, faces, and were appropriately dressed for the weather in jackets and shoes. And I had remembered to pack all 5 sippy cups, 2 bowls of Cheerios, Cheez Its, two sheets, two blankets, my computer, my iPhone, and though I’d forgotten my favorite notebook, I’d yet to realize it. So my morning was perfect.

We got all the way out to the car, I opened both kids doors, and went to my daughter’s side to lift her in while letting my son climb into his car seat. Got them both a toy, made sure their snacks were within reach, shut the doors and climbed in the driver seat. I exhaled a nice, big, deep breath, proud of our drama free morning and my two happy kids.

Before I even got the key in the ignition, my three-year-old’s sweet voice floats into the front. “Mama, you have to buckle me in”.  I turn around, and sure enough, my daughter is tightly strapped into her car seat while my poor son was sitting there with no buckle. Thankfully we weren’t moving. He looked at me disapprovingly (talk about breaking your heart) as I hopped back out to buckle him in. As I was securing his straps, I looked him straight in the eye, apologetically.  It was an honest mistake, but I felt bad. He broke into a huge grin, laughed a bit, and said “My mama’s SOOO silly”.

Yes, son, she is. Here’s hoping you all have a drama free week!


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