Trick or treat!

Yes, like many of us up here in the northeast, we did it in the rain. In our case, four families (and five kids including my own) met up at my parent’s neighborhood. Their neighborhood is perfect for trick or treating. The little ones think it’s pretty special that they can “walk in the road at night”. With little car traffic, yet just enough foot traffic from the trick or treaters to keep it fun, it’s the epitome of small town Halloweens.

This year was extra special. With 4 three-year olds and one 20-month old, we quickly realized that each trick or treater had their own special way of trick or treating.

  • Our sheriff, the traditionalist, “Trick or treat. Thank you!”
  • Our Dorothy, the wonderful actress, “Dorothy is here! Trick or treat.”
  • Our dinosaur, the matter-of-facter,  “Trick or treating”
  • Our fireman, the distracted one. Well, he made it to all the houses, but usually 20 steps behind the rest. He was too busy walking in the road and splashing in the puddles. His greatest focus came in using his dollar store fireman’s ax to hit things. Kind of cute until he hit the dinosaur and informed the dinosaur’s mom and I that he had just “slayed the dragon”. Then it was plain funny, although we hate to admit it!

No offense to my mom friends who are reading this, but my daughter, the 20-month old, really took the cake. This must have been, in her mind, a holiday made special for her. Donning a Tinkerbell outfit with the spunky attitude to match, she wasn’t going to let the three-year olds get a leg up on her. She learned quickly that she was going to have to battle her way to the front of the line. And battle she did – for at least the first few houses. I watched as she quickly figured it out. Hmmm…if I cut across the grass I’ll make it there faster. Hmmm…no sense in walking around these bushes, I’ll cut right through.

One could say it was a facet of not knowing any better, but the resolve in her eyes said otherwise. She approached each door with her sweet little pixy face, and instead of one piece of candy, managed to walk away with 2 or 3 pieces in her little hands. Rain dripping from her head, dress clung to her body, she trick and treated her little heart out. I was so proud to see my little overachieving daughter with this mixture of pure joy and complete resolve.

And manners were not forgotten. At each house, she looked at the candy givers and said “Thank you, welcome”. I guess that says it all.


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