Crazy eights

It has been eight crazy days in my household. Like eight loops on a roller coaster, all in a row – some exhilarating. some scary, with no time to catch your breath in between. Every once in a while I wonder how we stay sane. Rather than recount each day in great detail, here’s a snapshot:

– Day 1, lump in breast found

– Day 2, breast lump has a friend in the neck. Appointment with an overdramatic nurse practitioner who had nothing positive to say. Oh except that it could be lyme disease. Vow to never see that NP again. Note: days 2-6 are sleepless

– Day 3, mama in turmoil worried about kids and health and life in general. Dada gets very sick with high fever. Mama’s convinced he has H1N1 and is vigilantly watching the kids. (Thankfully all three of us got the seasonal flu shot, which has seemed to help, BTW)

– Day 4, follow-up with PCP because the NP from my OB’s office has me all panicked. PCP “concerned” but not freaked out. Mama resting easier.

– Day 5, mammogram and ultrasound. Radiologist says non-specific. PCP says no worries, but follow-up with OB’s office for next course of action. Mama relieved and ready for some sleep. Dada still very sick. No call from the OB’s office. Comical.

– Day 6, finally hear from OB’s office. Schedule an appointment with follow-up surgeon, express dissatisfaction to the OB’s office (to a poor RN who was asked to call me after my scathing message regarding my results. RN offers to “read” the results to me. NP nowhere to be found, apparently). Once again vow to never see that NP again. Dada on the upswing and back to work.

– Day 7, youngest’s Halloween parade. Mama starts to feel head cold coming on. J, my oldest, really starts acting grumpy during evening hours. Assumption is he’s over-tired.

– Day 8, the three-year old Halloween parade. Notice that J isn’t himself, refusing to eat his party treats. Still thinking it’s over-tiredness. Take him to my office’s kid’s party. He totally melts down. Drive the youngest home and head to urgent care, where he’s forced to wear a mask because he’s just started running a fever. Request a throat swab from the RN at start of visit. 1 1/2 hours later, we have confirmed case of strep.

I came home tonight, relieved, balanced, and just glad that all will be better tomorrow. It was a crazy eight days. On top of it all, I was balancing the normal work responsibilities, day care needs, and usual routines. As much as I hate these types of weeks, I also recognize it’s a part of life. And so it goes, and so it will continue to go.

May you all have fun, yet normal, weekends! Happy Halloween, all. I figure we received all our ‘tricks’ this week, and will therefore have nothing but ‘treats’ this weekend.


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  1. Car

    Glass of red wine is much needed for you

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