She’s just a baby, mama

So this morning my 20 month old daughter was doing her thing – walking around the house crying. Mornings are tough for her. We know that and we accept it. She usually snaps out of it 30 minutes or so after waking up. This morning, I was reasoning with her in my softest, most empathetic voice.

“Don’t cry, M. You are fine. Let’s get you dressed and out of your wet diaper. You’ll feel better. There’s no need to cry.”

My three-year old decided to pop out his own wisdom.

“She’s just a baby, mama, she’s supposed to cry”

This is what we always told him when M really was a baby and he’d get upset that she was so loud. Well, the tables turned about 10 minutes later. My son was desperately trying to tell me a story about how we were going to watch Roary the Racing car after school. The louder M cried, the more he sped up his story, trying as hard as he could to interject the most important words in between her sobs. And suddenly, this came out of his mouth:

“Morgan, stop crying. You are a big girl now.”

Yes, J, she is.

Here’s hoping to a drama free day!


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