Release your inner child

There’s nothing better than finding a locale that has something for everyone. I’m not talking one of those arcades where they serve drinks for the adults – I’m talking about real family fun. Where moms and dads find their inner child and partake in the goofiness of it all.

Today we went to an “indoor playground”. It really was much more than that, but in my three-year old’s mind, there are indoor playgrounds for when it rains and outdoor playgrounds for nice weather. As I mentioned before, Saturday mornings (and sometimes Sunday if my kids are lucky!) are reserved for some fun and today’s weather (cold with torrential downpours) was not going to stop us.

We entered the massive building, and the first thing that hit me was the smell of grease warming up – hmm, fried mozzarella, chicken nuggets, fries and burgers – it’s mama’s heaven. Sad but true. Next, my ears caught wind of a faint air gun type sound – shooting things – dada’s heaven. And squeals of delight came from my kids as they saw the massive play fort, equipped with slides, tunnels, and big rubber columns and towers to make your way through.

Giggles abound all morning. We climbed the foam stairs, fed the balls into the machines that would pop them right back out at us, and squealed down the 30 foot slides. The web site wasn’t kidding when they said the slides were as good as water slides, but without the water. My peanut daughter even got over her fear and rode the slide next to me, with mama on the one next to her, flying down together, and holding hands the whole way.

My husband giggled like a school boy, standing 20 feet in the air on a platform, shooting the foam balls out of the air guns at people below. Thankfully, we were there with my mom’s group and their kids, allowing plenty of acquaintances for the husbands to shoot at. I think it’s probably not wise to peg a foam ball at a complete stranger’s butt. We were all fair game. Those of us who were smart found corners to hide in. Next time, I think we will institute a rule that the husbands shoot at each other.

We all felt like kids again. And the kids? Well, they were in all their glory. Find your inner child. I guarantee it’s there, just waiting to come out and have some giggly, crazy fun. After all, adults are boring.


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